We Saved Bambi!

Photo by Talk of the Sound


“The little fawn was running around down there, panicking. We set up a rope and my crew lowered me down. I held it in my alarms and they pulled me up. Luckily, it seemed uninjured and ran off toward its mother as soon as we put it down.” – Firefighter Greg Rigos.

Thanks to New Rochelle’s Talk of the Sound for the great video/photos!

Small Fawn In Big Trouble: New Rochelle Firefighters Save Baby Deer From Well

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A small fawn was in big trouble Wednesday after falling into a well. New Rochelle firefighters rescued the deer from a 25 foot deep dry well behind a home on Pinebrook Boulevard. Firefighter Greg Rigos went down into the well to tend to the animal, which was crying for its mother.

New Rochelle firefighters save baby Bambi

CLOSE NEW ROCHELLE – New Rochelle firefighters saved baby Bambi Wednesday afternoon. A fawn fell about 25 feet down a dry well on Pine Brook Boulevard. Fire Lt. Joe Oliva said a woman saw a fawn fall off a wall and heard it crying, so firefighters went to work.

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