Safe Company Staffing

To Safely Fight Fires in All Buildings, Every Fire Company Must Have a 5 or 6 Member Crew


Downtown Overlay Zone
Downtown Overlay Zone

New Rochelle is growing into a mini-metropolis, while at the same time has decreased on-duty staffing to small town levels. New Rochelle, especially downtown, is filled with high hazards:

“schools, hospitals, and other special medical facilities, nursing homes, high-risk residential occupancies, neighborhoods with structures in close proximity to one another, high-rise buildings… and hazardous materials occupancies” (NFPA 1710 § A.3.3.28)

What the Experts Have to Say


“companies must be staffed with a minimum of five or six on duty members (§… led by an officer who shall be considered a part of the company (§” (NFPA 1710)

New Rochelle Fire Study:

“Due to the tactical hazards, high hazard occupancies and geographic restrictions, the City should consider NFPA 1710 staffing levels of five or six on-duty members… for engines and ladders” (p. 68)

Next PriorityAs a First Step, Raise Crew Size to Safely Fight House Fires

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