Minimum Company Staffing

To Safely Fight Basic House Fires, Every Fire Company Must Have a 4 Member Crew


Putting aside all of our high-hazards, we do not even meet the minimum industry standard staffing for a basic house fire!

What the Experts Have to Say

Providence FD Staffing Study showed inadequate staffing is “penny wise, pound foolish”:

“four-person staffing led to a 23.8 percent reduction in injuries, a 25 percent reduction in time lost injuries and a 71 percent decrease in time lost due to injury when compared to three-person staffing”

FD Funeral

New Rochelle Fire Study:

“the City should consider staffing engine and ladder companies to four as provided in the NFPA 1710”  (p. 68)

NFPA 1710:

“[For] a 2000 square-foot, two-story, single-family home without a basement and having no exposures” (§ A., “[engine] companies shall be staffed with a minimum of four on-duty personnel (§… led by an officer who shall be considered a part of the company (§”. And § says the same for truck companies.

Next PriorityProper Supervision for Every Fire Company

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