Kitchen Fire in High-Rise Quickly Contained

Kitchen Fire @ 50 Sickles Ave
Photo By Chris “Firebike” Sekulski

Greeted by Fleeing Occupants

When the first fire trucks pulled up to 50 Sickles Avenue this afternoon, the front yard was filled with escaped occupants reporting smoke in the building.

Conditions Change In an Instant

At first, the sixth floor hallway was relatively clear, but as soon as firefighters forced open the apartment door, heavy smoke began pouring out from floor to ceiling. After a brief search, crews found a kitchen fire that was just beginning to spread into the next room, and quickly stopped it in its tracks.

Firefighting Fact

50 Sickles Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10801

No Description

At 9 stories, 50 Sickles Ave is considered a high-rise, presenting unique firefighting challenges. For example, fires on upper floors are out of the reach of fire department ladders complicating rescue. Luckily, everything went well today!

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