Update: 5 Injured Firefighters Doing Well

Wood Pl Fire

Wood Pl Fire

Thank you

We are touched by the outpouring of concern and support for our 5 brothers who were injured at last week’s fire. You’ll be happy to know that they all confirm they are doing well. Initial reports varied from

“I couldn’t breathe”


“I felt fine, but when they tested me at the hospital, I had the most Carbon Monoxide in my blood – and other guys looked way worse!”

It just goes to show that, with all the synthetics in today’s homes, inhaling smoke is a big risk, for civilians and firefighters alike.

So many of you asked great questions about why this happened and what can be done to prevent future injuries. It dawned on us that, while there are plenty of educational resources for us firefighters, we’re not aware of any place where the public can go to get straight, unemotional, simply-presented answers about what really affects the safety of firefighters and civilians during emergencies.

Naturally, we created one for you!

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  1. More building means a NEED for more protection for the projected residents they hope to live here. I wonder if the plans for the future New Rochelle include the revenue to support our firemen and police????

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