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Prosperous and Safe: That’s Our Vision of New Rochelle’s Future

So, what is a DGEIS?

With New Rochelle’s exciting development plans, our heads are spinning with all the acronyms that have been flying around! DGEIS stands for “Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement”, which is an analysis of the impact which the new development will have on our city – including the fire department, police, schools, traffic, and the Department of Public Works.

“Draft” denotes that this statement is an initial version, which may be revised after the public has had a chance to comment. “Generic” means that, unlike many impact statements that refer to a single building project, this one is about all the potential projects made possible by the new zoning.

We’re Off to a Good Start

We are pleased that the current DGEIS addresses the needs of the New Rochelle Fire Department. However, its analysis was necessarily superficial, because it could only devote a fraction of its attention to the Fire Depatment, because, understandably, all the other agencies had to be considered.

The Experts Come to the Rescue

Thankfully, we do not need much analysis, because two years ago the city paid for a thorough analysis of the fire department by independent experts, which clearly and thoroughly laid out the path to a fire department capable of protecting the inspiring New Rochelle projected in the developers’ vision, which is a continuation of our administration’s admirable goals.

What We Need

To ensure the safety of New Rochelle’s residents, visitors, and firefighters, here are some of the most important recommendations to prepare the New Rochelle Fire Department for our future, taken from national industry standards and the 2013 fire study:

  1. Raise Crew Size to Safely Fight All Fires
  2. As a First Step, Raise Crew Size to Safely Fight House Fires
  3. Proper Supervision for Every Fire Company
  4. Ensure Acceptable Response Times
  5. Dedicated Heavy Rescue Crew

A Unique Opportunity

While financial considerations prevented these recommendations from being implemented in the past, given the City’s “great financial condition”, and impressive development plan, we look forward to beginning the conversation to get our fire department safely staffed and prepared as soon as possible!

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3 thoughts on “Downtown Development”

  1. With the amount of building/renovating that the City is hoping to to, it is imperative that the NRFD be fully staffed, with top of the line equipment. This City needs to Be Prepared! Also, the fire study was done in 2013. This is almost 2016! There should be a reassessment.

  2. With all the fires and injuries in the last several months. It’s clear that there are issues with safety. RXR proposes 55 hundred residential units, and i think we need to increase staffing for our Fire Department! I understand we have 3 men per truck, and it should go to 4 men per truck. I also understand there is 27 men per shift, and I think that number needs to be increased to 40 men per shift. Our Fire Department is doing a great job , and doing the best they can with the staff we have for now, but with more development that will take place it will have a harder impact on us. My concern as many other residents in this city is that with your development coming here, safety is going to be a main concern if our Fire Department is not increased! We need to give our men the proper equipment , and proper staffing to help make their job more efficient!

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