Help Us Prepare the Fire Department for New Rochelle’s Future

Update: The people have spoken! We received over 1,000 votes of support – from official comments submitted to the developers, to Facebook “Likes” and “Shares”, to personal messages from our citizens. Thank you all!

But How Can I Help?!


You’ve probably heard about New Rochelle’s exciting downtown development plan. Until Monday, October 26th, this plan is open for public comment.

Here’s Why We Need Your Help

There are too few New Rochelle Firefighters to safely protect our citizens today.

However, given the City’s “great financial condition”, and impressive development plan, we look forward to beginning the conversation to get our fire department safely staffed and prepared as soon as possible!

Want more info? We’ve broken down our recommendations here.

6 thoughts on “Help Us Prepare the Fire Department for New Rochelle’s Future”

  1. The over development plans for New Rochelle is going to over populate and over congest a small downtown area plus our school system. If the proper planning isn’t put in place for more firemen and apparatus to handle skyscrapers, more police and more services, i.e., garbage removal and litter pick up we are looking at a serious problem. Funding? Watch our taxes skyrocket.

  2. Lives Matters , our city should make sure that we have enough FireFighters and Police Officers before we think about all this new development that they want to do in downtown .

    1. The New Rochelle Fire Department NEEDS 35 Firefighters Per Tour And Rescue 4 NEEDS To Be An Active, Staffed Unit Due To The Downtown High-Rise Buildings And Projected Additions To The Downtown Area. New Rochelle Once Had 6 Engine Companies And 3 Ladder Companies Protecting The ‘ Queen City Of The Sound ‘ We NEED To Elect Jimmy O’Toole For Mayor And Say Bye-Bye To Noam Before He Does MORE Damage To Our Beautiful City !!!!!!!!!!!!

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